The Athens Energy Institute


The Center for the Creation of Cooperation created the Athens Energy Institute in 2015 in order to supplement the work of ARECC, SOPEC, Upgrade Athens County, and other organizations. The Athens Energy Institute has already begun to gather concerned citizens to examine laws, regulations, and policies governing energy efficiency and conservation.

The Athens Energy Institute’s three tiered structure ensures that the Institute will involve many people in its efforts. The three tiered structure includes an ongoing seminars, a series of public forums, and a planned state-wide public policy coalition. The seminar operates cooperatively as a learning and teaching group in which members contribute by researching and reporting on sub-areas; by monitoring, evaluating, and synthesizing information sources; by disseminating useful energy information on social media; by creating a repository of energy efficiency and conservation measures. The public forums will enlighten additional individuals, both in person and through media reports of the forums. The planned state-wide public policy coalition will share the Athens Energy Institute’s emerging knowledge with organizations and individuals throughout the state.

The Athens Energy Institute will serve three primary functions. First, the Institute will provide a venue where concerned citizens can join together to learn cooperatively about energy efficiency policies and conservation issues. Second, the Institute will serve as an intermediary organization charged with interpreting and disseminating relevant energy policies to the people of our region. Third, the Institute will inspire people to advocate cooperatively for state and local laws and regulations favorable for the creation of a just and sustainable energy economy with a focus on energy efficiency and conservation.